The Best Road Bike Tyres of 2018 – Reviews & Ratings

Best Road Bike Tyres – All You Need to Know

There are many different reasons why people fancy cycling over other forms of recreation, exercise or just as a way of getting from A to B. Some cycle in sports competitions. Others simply use it as a way of bonding with their family or with some friends. But even if you cycle for different reasons you still need the best road bike tyres.

A Lot of people take up cycling as a way of getting some much-needed exercise. And finally, there are those who ride as a form of transportation whether by design or necessity, like couriers and commuters.

Whatever the reason every rider needs the best road bike tires available if they want to stay safe on their rides.

So what are the best road bike tires you ask? Well, let’s look at them because the answer really all depends on what you are using your bike for.

Bike tires are made for just about every situation and weather condition as well as all the different levels of riders.

There are highly puncture-resistant tires, tires that are great for general use, bike training, commuting and the list can go on. There are also very lightweight road tires with thin casings which are mostly used for racing or those who “want to be”.

Most bike tires are what are called beaded tires. The bead is created by a strong steel cable hoop around the edge of the tire which holds your tire onto the rim of the wheel. While most of the beads are made of steel some use a Kevlar cord to reduce weight.

Let me just note here there are beadles’s tires which need special rims but unless you are a top athlete you won’t need them.

Probably the thing that is most important to people and what they look at the most is the tread. The tread is what gives a tire grip to the road though here too there are other factors involved. For general purpose riding having some tread that will give you some grip in all different weather conditions is really good. But the more you go towards racing the smoother the tread typically is.

Many racing tires really have no tread at all. Instead, they rely on the rubber itself to give then traction. These tires have a hard rubber center with a gummy sidewall that gives them traction for going around the curves.The feeling among cyclists has been to inflate your tires to the maximum pressure allowed by that tire.  This was to give the most efficiency of energy usage on your ride due to less rolling resistance.

Recent the thinking has changed slightly and says you should inflate your bike’s tires to a PSI that is determined by the rider’s weight. For instance a 155 lb. the rider might inflate their tires to a maximum of 112 lbs. on a road bike tire rated for 120 PSI in order to achieve the minimum rolling resistance.

The thinking is a tire is supposed to deflect under load at least a bit. This is what adds comfort to your ride, in comparison to a solid rubber tire.

So a properly inflated bike tire should actually bulge a bit when you’re sitting on your bike. Racers still inflate them to the max for efficiency and aren’t worried about comfort.

Finally, there are a number of good manufacturers of the best road bike tyres that you can trust are making a good product that will give you good service and long life. They are Continental, Michelin, Vittoria, Panaracer and there are several more top road tire brands to choose from. I hope you liked our review about the best road bike tyres.

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